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Two weeks in Nicaragua over the holidays greatly increased our: basic Spanish, sleep mastery (9 hours a night), dedication to Deet, tolerance for creatures sharing our bedroom, surfing skills, enthusiasm for volcanoes, life tally of best sunsets ever, perspective on Nicaraguan politics, and gratitude. Cloud forest, crystal pools, prehistoric petroglyphs, beaches and nature preserves – you really shouldn’t visit Nicaragua without at least a 2-day stop here.To do: Tola: The “Emerald Coast” is beautiful with virtually untouched beaches – serious Pacific Coast paradise.Kids notice the most interesting, poignant little things along their paths.It is amazing to literally see the world through their eyes in a way they may never be able to tell us with their words.Put a kid-friendly digital camera on a lanyard and let your kids go snap crazy.

Winelands – Stay a at least a couple of nights in this gorgeous part of the country – about 45 minutes from Cape Town.I also know from experience that preparation is essential. Use the postcards or stationary from your hotel room to paint watercolors in down time before bed.Bring along a pack of blank watercolor postcards and your kids can create their own postcards to send home.I am excited to be their buddy, their teacher and their exploration co-captain for a little bit before they get back on the growing up train.Honestly though let’s all agree – there are inevitable complications when everyone is out of their element, jet-lagged, trying to settle in to unfamiliar beds, sampling “interesting” foods, stretching their comfort zones, and adjusting to unaccustomed oodles of “togetherness.” People always marvel when we tell them how much we travel with our kids, but I need you to know that even on the BEST TRIP EVER usually at least one person in our family loses it at least once a day.

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