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Now select the other image, the one you have worked on with the background selected, and go to: EDIT – PASTE SPECIAL – PASTE INTO On older versions of Photoshop, this may just say “paste into”.

A keyboard shortcut is: ALT – SHIFT – CTRL – V Once you do this, the copied image should be pasted into the background you have selected and look something like this: At the moment, as it is, you will now have two layers so you can make adjustments.

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Right click anywhere inside the image, and select “make selection” and then choose an appropriate feather radius (I normally choose one for sharp edges).On occasion, especially if you would like to shoot more creative stock shots, you may want to mess with the background of an image or replace it with something else entirely.Believe me, this is what a lot of the more successful stock photographers do.Select the new image once opened in Photoshop and press control A (CTRL-A), this will select the entire image and put running ants around it.Now press control C (CTRL-C), this will copy the image.

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