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It’s a game that can’t be maintained and guarantees dissatisfaction for both parties.

The goal of dating is to find someone who wants what you want, and wants that with you.

We use the word “nice” when describing something we have no real passion for, such as a “nice cup of tea.” Think about things you adore, that excite you or inspire you and then see if the word “nice” can articulate those emotions.

Replace the word “nice”, “lovely” or even “pretty” with something more dynamic and that focuses on a more detailed attribute of hers.

That’s only possible by starting with the ‘real you.’ Make up your mind, in advance, to have fun. Every time you meet someone new, you’re gaining vital information as to what you want (and don’t want) in a partner. Do not go to a movie theater or a music concert on a first date; save those types of events for a second, third, or fourth date; 5.

No matter the outcome, this attitude allows you to walk away with a gain you can keep. Do not become excessively flattering toward a woman on a first date; 4.

You see, most guys have idea about what to do on a first date. The following is a list of 40 of the best first date tips ever assembled—from some of the greatest dating coaches, relationship coaches, matchmakers, lifestyle coaches, and social experts on the planet! It has some incredibly interesting fact about first dates! Are you ready for a committed relationship or dating for fun?

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Do you really want to hear all the grizzly details of her past relationships or how she cut herself when she was shaving her legs earlier that day?

If she doesn’t like your choice of venue, then make up for it in the interaction.

If the venue is more important to her than spending time with you, she’s not a keeper.

And this starts with knowing how to go on first dates.

First dates are often boring, awkward, unexciting, and even torturous to many men.

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