Craigslist sex scams

In Kintner’s case, the woman set him up over the course of a week, he said in an interview with reporters Friday.

After the two masturbated, the woman sent him a You Tube link and asked if he wanted her to send the video to a number of his contacts, including Ricketts and former and current state senators.

In the hours that followed, the woman demanded he transfer money via Western Union to an address in the Ivory Coast.

She said the money would go to “deaf and dumb children somewhere in Africa.”“They need help paying for medications and food,” she wrote.

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The Attorney General’s Office reminds Internet users that once you send a message or image, you do not control how it’s shared.

Afterward, the woman presented him with a copy of a video of him and demanded that money be wired to the West African nation of Ivory Coast, or else she would report him for pedophilia.

The man refused to pay the woman and eventually the scammers gave up.

He said people who share nude pictures are starting to copyright the photos so they can civilly sue those who share them.

Other cases he’s seen involve men trying to exploit girls via social media and kids trading pictures with each other, he said.“Especially with kids, we let them know as soon as they share a picture, (the receiver) has probably immediately shared it with five of his friends, who’ve shared it with five” more people, Iversen said.

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