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It contains virtually none of the harmful UV rays found in sunlight, and many newer models now contain blue-enriched white LEDs, thought to be particularly effective.But it’s not just Sad sufferers who could benefit from light therapy and its ability to control and regulate the body’s natural rhythms: “As a nation we’re sleep deprived,” says Dr Vicki Revell, a specialist in chronobiology, or the biological clock.

This is normal and in most cases is not social anxiety disorder.Many light boxes are now classed as medical devices, which means they are rigorously tested to European safety standards and their clinical effectiveness is assessed and continually monitored.The light they emit is at least 10 (sometimes 100) times brighter than other domestic lighting.The only downside, arguably, is the cost, as although such devices are recommended by many GPs, they aren’t yet prescribed on the NHS. Six or seven months of improved well-being, energy, creativity and focus for a £150 price tag seems to shine with good value.Gadget of the week – Lumie Body Clock Iris When I first heard about a clock that used light rather than a loud sound to wake up its owner, I was fairly dubious, but I’ve been using Lumie Body Clock Iris for two weeks now and am genuinely impressed.

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    Some prefer not to have a Facebook at all (myself included), while others have a profile, but would rather not drag mutual friends into the dating equation.

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    Due to physical constraints and space limitations, wheelchairs and walkers are not allowed on motor coaches and/or river cruises. Kindly refer to our Terms for additional information.