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The bombastic Trump has thrived in that chaotic maelstrom for decades, but it couldn’t be more foreign to Rosenstein, whose 27-year career has been marked by an aversion to the spotlight, a fervent devotion to the Justice Department’s black-and-white ideals, and a steadfast commitment to the apolitical rule of law.

If Trump tries to fire Mueller or undercut his investigation – as his public comments increasingly suggest – it will again fall to Rosenstein to stand in his way.

He cemented his name as a brand synonymous with business savvy with a bestselling book, The Art of the Deal, even as he simultaneously pursued a series of reckless financial deals that would result in a string of bankruptcies.

At Harvard Law, Rosenstein caught the attention of one of his professors, Philip Heymann, who had once been a top assistant to Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox.

“He was very straight, very proper,” Heymann, now 84, says.

He and his wife Lisa had settled into a quiet life in Bethesda with their daughters, Julia and Allison.

Instead of rubbing elbows with judges and politicians at black-tie affairs, Rosenstein would invite coworkers to his house to chow down on takeout. attorney demonstrated, time and again, that his ideology boils down to holding everyone accountable to the same set of rules, a worldview that was honed during Whitewater and would resurface when Comey was fired.

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