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In these papers, Alois Moser describes persecution as a Jehovah's Witness, imprisonment in several camps including Mauthausen, and the various types of inmate markings (triangles and badges) that he encountered in the camps.

Also included is a timeline that traces Moser's travels as a prisoner from April 1939 through May 1945.

This collection contains, in scrapbook form, photographs and text excerpts from Ein Judenjunge vom Alex by Alice and Gerhard Zadek.

The papers also include information about Jewish orphans, the deportation of Jews, the persecution of Roma and Sinti (Gypsies), and transports to Terezin.

Experiences in Treblinka concentration camp, administration of the camp, nationalities of prisoners, the gassing and incineration of prisoners, the orchestra, destruction of the camp after the uprising, other subjects.

Persecution of Jews in prewar Berlin, graphic description of Kay Gundel's imprisonment at Terezin, Auschwitz, and Merzdorf, Gundel's return to Germany and emigration to the US.

Several letters to Berthold family of Wilmersdorf, Germany, describing adjustment to life in New York City.

Bernard Nissenbaum's deportation from France and imprisonment in several concentration and labor camps: detailed descriptions of conditions in the Trzebinia camp, the status and treatment of wealthy Jews as compared to that of other inmates, the separation of various nationalities in Birkenau, the situation of the "Muselmänner" in various camps, relationships between Kapos and inmates, the Warsaw ghetto prior to the uprising.

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