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With the standard consensus that the laws of physics are universal and do not change with time, physics can be used to study things that would ordinarily be mired in uncertainty.

The approach is similar to that of applied mathematics.

Natural philosophy has its origins in Greece during the Archaic period, (650 BCE – 480 BCE), when pre-Socratic philosophers like Thales rejected non-naturalistic explanations for natural phenomena and proclaimed that every event had a natural cause.

They proposed ideas verified by reason and observation, and many of their hypotheses proved successful in experiment; for example, atomism was found to be correct approximately 2000 years after it was first proposed by Leucippus and his pupil Democritus Quantum mechanics would come to be pioneered by Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schr? From this early work, and work in related fields, the Standard Model of particle physics was derived.

It all began when Japanese Twitter user Uchida Haruko posted the following piece of fan art of Plushenko on her account.

The Olympic figure skater Evgeni Plushenko, one of Russia's most beloved athletes, was nearing the end of his performance at the Winter Games in Sochi on Sunday night when he felt a sharp pinch in his spine.

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