Free live cams no credit card needed at all

I would prefer a hard wired one that tucks up discretely near the rear view mirror and 2ch would be great too.

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If you hardwire them direct to a fuse it is best to use an Addafuse and not just jamb the wires down the side of a fuse which is a recipe for disaster as it spreads the clips and when you remove the wires the fuse will be slightly loose and may overheat.

I'm looking for a suitable one for my 4WD because people seem to like running into it.

I have a suction cup one but it keeps falling off just with normal street driving, scares the bejesus out of me when it happens.

Ive seen the results when someone didnt install a fridge fuse in a caravan correctly and it was on its way to going on fire when I found it Actually it has everything to do with it because if as a lot have found out if you dont wire it correctly it wont work in parking mode.

Any camera will keep working if it still has power except if it does not have internal ability to switch to parking mode it will continue recording as if it was still moving and eventually run the battery flat.

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