Letter liquidating account

Otherwise, all the corpses would wind up in the hands of the White Guards.

So I decided to go personally, and it turned out I did the right thing.

I asked Yermakov who these people were, why they were there. There where we stopped several of Yermakov's people were stretching out girls' blouses.

We discovered again that there were valuables and they were taking them.

If there were any unusual amount of unrest, he was to notify me through the established line of communication. The extra wait caused some anxiety - waiting in general, and the short night especially. I told him to wake everybody, because there was unrest in the town and it was dangerous for them to remain on the top floor. Gathering everybody consumed a lot of time, about 40 minutes.

Only when the truck had arrived (or after telephone calls that it was on the way) did I go to wake the prisoners. When the family had dressed, I led them to the room in the basement that had been designated earlier.

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