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Catch and Release This is a common tactic from a dater that loves the chase.As soon as someone takes the bait and starts to get attached, they will get bored and end the relationship.Women who convey their get up and go seem to catch the eye of men more than those who describe themselves as ‘easy-going’ or ‘warm’.Instead, descriptors such as ‘creative’, ‘happy’, ‘outgoing’ and ‘optimistic’ all saw an increase in responses for the profiles that used them. But thanks to the new online dating landscape, the language of love has gotten a whole lot more complicated.Just as you figured out what ‘sexting’ was, in came a whole host of new-fangled relationship jargon.

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If this all sounds a bit daunting then, never fear, we’re here to help.Hopefully, you’ll find someone with more conviction!” Ship To “ship” a couple is to support or approve of their relationship.So, which words will make your online dating profile a success?Perceptive scores high for the both sexes, as the second most desirable descriptor, while women who describe themselves as sweet, hard-working and thoughtful and men who deem themselves spontaneous, outgoing and optimistic also score high.

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