Physical therapist dating patient

A woman testified Tuesday that after three years of treatment she fell in love with Oak Creek psychologist Jeffrey Adamczak in 2005, and from intimate emails read in court he also was in deeply in love with her.

"That in 20 years of practice he'd never met a patient with whom he felt so connected. I felt special." But prosecutors say Adamczak, 48, exploited the therapist-patient relationship when he initiated the affair in his office.

But Assistant District Attorney Jacob Manion objected to some of the questioning, saying that it was clear the relationship was consensual, but that consent was no defense to the therapist exploitation offense.

Boyle also brought up that the woman had hired a personal injury law firm for a possible civil claim, suggesting she launched the whole case to make money.

"I didn't want to ruin someone's life if I was wrong," she testified, but the Boyle letter convinced her she was not.

During his cross-examination Tuesday, Boyle emphasized that his client and the woman were lovers, and got her to talk about a romantic tryst with candles and rose petals at a Milwaukee hotel that they both later referred to as Paris.

That incident was charged in the initial complaint but later dropped because it occurred at his Racine office.

So I guess my questions are: Is a relationship between a physical therapy patient and an intern taboo? I'm not necessarily really close to him, how could I get close to him without seeming like a stalker or asking too many questions?

Since I'm three years younger than him, how do I prove to him that I'm not some flighty, immature high-schooler?

She even testified that he told her she could no longer be his patient "on paper" and there would be no more records of her visits.

But the woman, 40, says the therapy continued along with the affair until she broke it all off in early 2006, when she realized she was still just "the other woman." Still, the parting was amicable, the woman testified.

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