Prevent java 6 from auto updating

Please refer to the section below about software if you want to grab my files.Note: there is no vision control, the "software" runs in Net Beans environment and requires working knowledge of Java as the entire program was not polished to finish.The complex parts are purposefully subdivided into separable pieces that must be glued or plastic welded together.It just eases up the 3d printing process and reduces the need for supports in the structure.IBM Web Sphere Application Server provides periodic fixes for the base and Network Deployment editions of release V8.5.

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Additionally, I didn't want to get so wrapped up in a project that I just couldn't complete without extensive programming and implementation of frills (like vision control, quick change nozzles, etc.) Although, when I have the time I will probably incorporate all of those elements into this project.Last Update: January 11, 2016Status: Indefinitely suspended. I accidentally overwritten the laptops linux OS with a new version and wiped all the working files I had for the machine.I will leave this up to provide motivation for others, but my build was over complicated in many ways (coding wise).So, motivation becomes a very important part of any project.There are some questions that I asked myself prior to this build and they ultimately led to the conclusion that having a pick and place machine would be an "okay" idea.

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