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But the six were apparently roped together when they fell at about 2,000 meters (6,562 feet) high on the mountain in a very remote area.‘We think a rope may have come loose,’ Anton Voithofer, head of the Red Cross rescue team, said.Five helicopters were sent to the scene, and the injured climber was transported to a hospital in Schwarzach.It is an economically prosperous municipality hosting a wide range of industries, services and educational institutions.The city's geographical location close to major European capitals has made it an important industrial and commercial hub nationally.The victims or their nationalities have not yet been identified.It is believed to be the deadliest climbing accident so far this season in the Austrian Alps, where several dozen mountaineering deaths are reported each summer.

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The cause of the accident, which occurred below the Mannlkarscharte pass near Zell-am-See, about 80 kilometres (50 miles) south of the central city of Salzburg, has not yet been determined.Three Italian mountain climbers also died this weekend, two of them on Sunday after falling into a crevasse in the Italian Alps.The Italian press said one of the crevasse victims had been rescued Sunday in grave condition but later died of their injuries.It is traditionally a part of the historical and cultural region of Bosanska Krajina in Bosnia and Herzegovina.The terrain ascends to the north-east of Prijedor in waves and gradually becomes the mountain range of the Kozara mountain, which is famous from the peoples' uprisings in the previous centuries and battles against fascism during the Second World War.

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