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2017-09-21: Child pyschologist reaches plea deal in child porn case 2017-09-21: Extradition of psychiatrist who fled country to avoid prosecution is stayed 2017-09-20: A third former patient accuses California psychiatrist of sexual misconduct 2017-09-20: New York psychiatrist pleads guilty to illegally distributing a controlled substance 2017-09-19: New York psychiatrist pleads guilty to criminal trespass for falsifying records 2017-09-12: Sydney psychiatrist suspended for misconduct 2017-09-11: Child psychiatrist sentenced for filming boys in public toilets 2017-09-07: Additional murder charges and new sex charges added to case against Georgia psychiatrist 2017-09-07: Iowa psychologist charged with sexual exploitation, witness tampering and practicing without a license 2017-09-04: Former Wyoming psychologist pleads no contest to two sexual assault charges 2017-09-04: Another patient accuses California psychiatrist of sexual misconduct 2017-09-04: California psychiatrist convicted of assault now has two lawsuits filed against him 2017-08-31: California psychiatrist allegedly fondled and groped patient 2017-08-28: Former Los Angeles Sheriff's Department psychologist convicted of sex crimes against children 2017-08-28: Two patients accuse Tennessee psychiatrist of making sexual advances during sessions 2017-08-24: VA psychiatrist who had sex with veteran pleads guilty to witness tampering 2017-08-23: Canadian psychiatrist loses license over relationship with former patient 2017-08-23: Psychologist in India accused of attempting to sexually abuse 13-year-old boy 2017-08-21: UK psychiatrist failed to conduct risk assessments for teenager who died 2017-08-15: Connecticut psychiatrist disciplined for false claims 2017-08-14: Married psychologist in Scotland loses license for inappropriate sexual relationship with patient 2017-08-14: Pennsylvania psychiatrist sentenced to prison for health care fraud 2017-08-11: Omaha psychiatrist fined ,000 and serving a suspension for his inappropriate relationship 2017-08-11: Indiana psychologist guilty of felony obstruction of justice 2017-08-11: 67-year-old former psychologist arrested for sexually assaulting a teen patient 2017-08-11: Psychiatrist convicted of raping a patient gets additional sentence for jury tampering 2017-08-08: Ongoing tribunal over 2013 death of teenage patient after failings by psychiatrist 2017-08-08: Psychologist in a sexual relationship with his patient told her he wanted to be her Darcy 2017-08-08: Psychologists accused of designing CIA torture program to face trial 2017-08-03: Chief medical officer reprimand for sexual relationship with a suicidal former patient 2017-08-03: Coral Springs psychiatrist arrested for hit-and-run crash 2017-08-02: California psychiatrist accused of 'groping' a patient 2017-08-02: Scottish psychologist accused of sexual relationship with patient 2017-07-31: Psychiatrist facing sexual assault charges seeks diary of victim 2017-07-31: Minnesota psychiatrist resigns medical license after accusations of over-prescribing 2017-07-28: Delaware psychiatrist indicted on insurance fraud and identity theft charges 2017-07-27: Iowa psychiatrist fined for pre-signing prescriptions for staff to fill out later 2017-07-24: New Mexico psychiatrist arrested for sexually abusing a patient 2017-07-20: Psychiatrist in India arrested for death of patient 2017-07-20: Psychologist in Namibia sentenced to jail for fraud 2017-07-20: Wyoming psychiatrist in jail again 2017-07-14: Louisiana psychologist sentenced to 180 months in prison 2017-07-14: Connecticut psychiatrist involved in deadly hit-and-run 2017-07-13: Imprisoned psychiatrist admits to trying to tamper with jury 2017-07-13: California psychiatrist surrenders his license 2017-07-13: Child psychologist sentenced to 16 years for committing lewd acts with a minor 2017-07-13: Psychiatrist accused of inappropriate behavior with four women 2017-07-10: California psychiatrist accused of gross negligence and excessive prescribing 2017-07-10: Cambridge psychiatrist accused of professional misconduct 2017-07-07: California psychiatrist accused of gross negligence and overprescribing controlled substances 2017-07-05: Former Puerto Rico Psychiatrist Sentenced for Fraud 2017-07-03: Key Evidence in Psychologist's Murder Trial Will Include Antifreeze 2017-06-29: Psychiatrist gets 5 years in prison for fatal car crash 2017-05-15: UCSF psychiatrist arrested and charged with possession of child pornography 2017-03-22: Drug Dealing Psychiatrists Should Be Held Accountable for Patient Deaths, Mental Health Watch Dog Group Says 2016-07-19: CCHR: Exposing Psychiatric Criminality and Abuse 2016-06-22: State Investigations Expand Into Psychiatric Hospital Patient Deaths & Safety Violations 2014-07-30: Houston psychiatrist charged in human trafficking case 2014-07-28: Three patients treated at St.Paul's Hospital (Vancouver) stabbed elderly people following discharge 2014-07-25: E.Estrich guilty of health care fraud, stealing identities, money laundering, etc.2013-12-17: UK psych nurse had sexual relationship with teenage patient 2013-12-17: Mental health counselor guilty in million fraud scheme 2013-12-17: Boy sexually abused at Universal Health Services mental facility in Mississippi 2013-12-17: State psych hospital chief "created hostile work environment" 2013-12-10: UK psych nurse struck off for punching dementia patient 2013-12-10: Las Vegas mental health provider convicted of Medical fraud, pays 0,000 in penalties, etc.Texas psychiatrist charged with trafficking Indian women for sex, forced labor 2014-07-25: Alaska psychiatrist indicted for 0,000 Medicaid fraud 2014-07-18: Psychiatrist Curtis Steele loses license over teen nude photo allegations 2014-07-16: Prison psychologist Bobbie Bergmeier guilty of affair with convicted murderer 2014-07-14: Man misdiagnosed by psychiatrists as delusional for 20 years sues 2014-07-08: Parkland psych ER is again scene of patient abuse 2014-07-08: Czech psychiatric hospitals violate human rights laws 2014-07-07: Psychiatrist Priscilla Sheldon-Cost charged with narcotics offenses 2014-07-07: Psychiatrist Harold Smith gives up license following history of drug-related disciplinary actions 2014-07-07: State of Florida FINALLY takes action on psychiatrist with history of ampthetamine abuse 2014-07-07: Maryland psychiatrist Sukhveen K.Ajrawat indicted for federal health care fraud 2014-06-26: Counselor Danielle Hackett surrenders license 2014-06-23: Texas professional counselor disciplinary actions 2014-06-23: Psychologist Susan Mendelsohn surrenders license 2014-06-23: NY psychiatrist Michael Alexandrov disciplined by state 2014-06-23: Australian authorities reprimand psychiatrist Licia B.2013-12-10: State revokes psychiatrist David Gudeman's license; two patients died 2013-12-02: Texas psychologist disciplinary actions, October 2013 2013-12-02: Texas psychologist disciplinary actions, August 2013 2013-12-02: Michigan mental health counselor disciplinary actions, Sept.-Oct.2013 2013-12-02: Michigan social worker disciplinary actions, Sept.-Oct.

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2013 2013-12-02: State revokes psycholoogist Vanja Abreu's license following criminal conviction 2013-12-02: State revokes psychologist Paul Perez Madrid's license on moral grounds 2013-12-02: State revokes Medea Wood's psychologist license following criminal conviction 2013-12-02: Maria Pereyra, Arbour Counseling intern, fined for providing social work services 2013-12-02: Michigan social worker disciplinary actions, July-August 2013 2013-12-02: Utah social worker disciplinary actions, Sept.-Oct.

2013 2013-12-02: Abhishek Shah, psychiatry resident, takes plea deal, gets probation 2013-11-29: State halts admissions to Arbour-HRI psych facility for unsafe conditions 2013-11-27: Social worker disciplinary actions, November 2013 2013-11-27: Oregon psychologist James Johnson disciplined immoral/unprofessional conduct 2013-11-27: Oregon psychologist Robert Cooley retires license on charges of unprofessional conduct 2013-11-27: California medical board suspends psychiatrist Dayalal D.

Tank for incompetence 2013-11-27: Psychiatrist Bolarinwa Oluwole did not tell Irish authories he'd lost his license in Canada for sex with patients 2013-11-27: Psychiatrist Manilall Maharajh loses license over sex with patient; paid her to keep quiet about it 2013-11-27: Medical board reprimands psychiatrist Ali Ebrahimi over excessive prescribing 2013-11-21: Georgia psychiatrist George Johnson suspended for sexual abuse 2013-11-21: State suspends counselor Joseph J.

Miklashek surrenders license 2013-10-11: Psychiatrist Michael Bengala suspended for involvement in "pill mill" 2013-10-11: Counselor suspended for sex with client 2013-10-11: State revokes counselor's license after fraud conviction 2013-10-11: Counselor Michael Shawn Brown convicted of murder 2013-10-11: Nebraska disciplinary actions against mental health practitioners, 9/12 to 7/13 2013-10-11: Psychologist issued diagnosis and opinion about someone she never met; board issues letter 2013-10-11: Psychiatrist Donald Stonefeld loses licenses in two states 2013-10-11: Board places psychiatrist Harry Taub on probation over drug charges 2013-10-11: Psychiatrist Jose S.

Cruz-Martinez suspended over care of patient who died 2013-10-11: Psychologist Sunil Kakar placed on probation for drug-alcohol arrest 2013-10-11: Social worker Tyler Whitney surrenders license on charge of billing irregularities 2013-10-11: State issues charges against social worker Dennis Vandermause following fraud conviction 2013-10-11: State suspends social worker Marisha J.

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