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*I have taken responsibility for my children as well as others who may have access to the computer(s) that I use and downloaded parental controls in order to restrict their viewing of adult oriented material or other material I may find objectionable on the internet. TERMS site: refers to The Catfight Haven or any of it's affiliate sites.

The Catfight Haven may cancel / terminate a membership at any time and for any reason deemed fit by The Catfight Haven.

The Subscriber may also cancel their subscription / membership at any given time and for any reason they deem fitting.

Recurring Billing fees will recur "continue" until the subscriber cancels them by contacting IBILL, CCBILL (by phone, email or any special link provided by IBILL or CCBILL for the purpose of cancelling) or either the Catfight Haven (by email only and ensuring that you get a response from the Catfight Haven stating the account has been cancelled).

However when cancelling via email correspondence through the Catfight Haven directly, a four day advance notice must be given to ensure the account will be cancelled prior to the next billing period.

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